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Hope you all are enjoying the fall breeze. Those of you know our obsession with roads and road tripping are in for a treat. Today I am writing about our Bangalore to Wayanad Road Trip. Before beginning the trip I was wondering why would a place be termed as ‘God’s own country’? I mean, I have visited a handful of beautiful/famous/scenic spots and none of them claim to be ‘God’s own country’. I wondered if l will get my answers when our Bangalore Wayanad trip ends.

Wayanad, Kerela

I was super excited in October as my parents were visiting us. We planned a road trip from Bangalore to Wayand (Kerela). Due to a unfortunate theft which took place at my Rourkela home, my Dad had to travel back. I wanted my Mom to cheer up, so we went ahead with the trip. When the weekend of Diwali arrived I reached home a little early from office to pack my suitcase for the short trip.

Trip Preparation

  • I learnt that the temperature of Wayanad was soaring UpTo 27 degrees c and decided to drop the extra jackets, sweaters and gloves from my suitcase. Clothes of breezy fabric and comfy shoes took their place.
  •  Wet tissues, dry tissues and hygiene wipes; packing all of them is a good practice while road tripping in India.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sun Block( no exception for cold places), hair serum and Makeup.
  • Medicines
  • I always carry a small towel (Just in case)

Distance from Bangalore to Wayanad : 282 Kms as per google map. But, the exact distance from my place to the resort is about 317 Kms(6hr 42 mins drive)

Stay :  We picked a cozy little resort called Wayanad Ranches Resort. I will write more about it soon.

Route : Bangalore –> Mysore –>  Bandipur –> Sultan Bathery –> Wayanad

Road Trip Begins :

As this trip was only for a day, we decided to wake up early on Saturday and headed towards Wayanad at 5:30 AM. Morning broke and sunrise looked like a miracle while we entered the NICE road.

Early morning Sunrise, NICE Road

The day turned out to be warm and sunny. It was surprisingly hot for the month of November which got me a little disappointed.

We entered Bandipur forest area hoping to see elephants, but we spotted none. May be they have taken shelter to avoid heat. Global warming affects all, doesn’t it? We did spot some monkeys monkeying around though.

Through Bandipur National Reserve

The Sulthan Bathery route presents gorgeous greenery with lovely home-stays and farms.


We arrived at the Wayanad Ranches resort by 1:30 PM. The road leading towards the resort was awful and bumpy. I was worried our car tyres will get hurt, but then we reached the resort in one piece. After inquiring in the resort reception, we came to know that construction is going on which has resulted in bad roads. Plus there was another thin road leading to the resort which was missed by notorious Google Aunty.

Wayanad-Ranches- Wayanad-Banagalore-Beautyandthesuitcase
Wayanad Ranches Resort

Day one ended while we roamed near the resort and rested after the hectic travel which started early that morning. It was a peaceful haven for us to rest and get refreshed.

Wayanad-Ranches- Wayanad-Banagalore-Beautyandthesuitcase
View from Cottage, Wayanad Ranches

Top Locations in Wayand

I was dying to cover Chembra peak, but considering the sunny day and Mom would not be able to trek to the peak, we missed it. Next we came to know that Kuruva island was closed. With heavy heart we had to move on to check other locations in the list.

Tea Gardens: We started our day with the gorgeous green views of tea gardens.
Tea Gardens, Waynad
Tea Garden, Wayanad
Banasura Dam : Our first scenic spot was Banasura Sagar Dam. This Dam is built on the Karamanathodu tributary of the Kabini river. Also, it is one of the larget earth dams in India. Located in the foothills of Banasura hills, this location could compete with some gorgeous international destinations. A ticket counter is set at the entrance of the Dam and locals sell caps, sunglasses, fruit juices etc. near the entrance path.
En-route Banasura Dam, Wayanad
As we visited this place on a Sunday it was more than crowded. Jeeps and Tempo travelers ply visitors to the top of the Dam. We were told to wait to board the jeep as people were in queue. So we made way to the top by walking. The walk was not tough with a few tall plight of stairs but looked like a lot of work considering the sun. I was concerned that my Mom would not be able to make it. But, lo! She made her way quickly to the top. While we reached the top I was delighted of my decision to not to skip this gorgeous location.
Banasura Dam
Banasura Dam

The spectacular views made us speechless. Occasional breeze eased off the heat and blaze from sun. There were boating and horse riding facilities available near the Dam which we skipped and made way to our next location.

Horse Ride, Banasura Dam

Entry Fee : 30 Rs P.P

Jeep Ride : 30 Rs P.P (to and fro)

TT ride : 10 Rs P.P (one way)

Karlad Lake: Descending through gorgeous tea gardens we stopped near Karlad lake. It’s a gorgeous lake with flora and fauna along the lake shore. Following activities are available near the lake:

  • Zip line(Adventure sports) was available in this beautiful lake. The Zip-line goes all the across the Karlad lake. They provide a boat for returning to the starting point for a distance of approximately 350 metres.
  • Kayaking
  • Boating
View of Karlad Lake

Entry Fees : 30 Rs, P.P

Sun and clouds played peekaboo while we left this gorgeous lake and made way to lunch.

Boating Karlad Lake
Lakkidi View Point : Post lunch, I noticed that clouds made way to the hills. While we reached Lakkidi view point I could sense the romance which hills had conspired to bring out. I could spot a long line of selfie lovers on the spot. Clouds floated by and I could see Shiv cheering up from his ‘it’s too sunny for a hill station’ mood. I think he clicked some stunning pictures in his happy mood there.
Lakkidy View Point, Wayanad
Lakkidy ViewPoint, Wayanad

The day ended and we came back to our resort by 6PM. I think we got some sun-tan(thanks to the perfectly sunny day). Misty clouds gathered near the resort and it was the perfect end to the perfect day out.

Wayanad Ranches, Evening View


On our Way Back :

What began as a quest to understand Why Kerela was called ‘Gods own country’ was coming to an end. No amount of manicured gardens and artifice would suffice a place endowed with such natural beauty. I still don’t know the exact reason, but I have concluded my answers based on the views my eyes have relished. Also I am willing to visit Kerela many more times to find out.

via Bandipur
views of Bandipur Reserve

We drove back to Bangalore post breakfast from the resort by 9:30 AM and reached home only by 6:30 PM. Courtesy Google Aunty who notoriously (yet again) gave us a bad shortcut from Dommasandra (Bangalore) plus usual Bangalore traffic. It was Diwali and we quickly lit up Diyas. It was a quiet and no-cracker Diwali for us. Tired yet spirited we realized home is the best place for celebrations. Do let us know how you celebrated Diwali this year.


Amrita & Shivaji

Happy Diwali-beautyandthesuitcase
Happy Diwali 2016



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