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Hope this weekend is bringing the relaxation that you deserve and a good break from office. Speaking of work, I am sure you would have come across the term ‘Office Hottie’. I love that term and I love being one of those. My mantra of being the office hottie is to limit my makeup for a simple look and add only 1 oomph factor to it. ‘Sugar 02 Still Got The Blues Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal’ happened to be that 1 factor for oomph which added to my office makeup look. Read on to know if this eyeliner came out to be as worthy as was its first impressions. blue eyeliner sugarPrice : 399 INR

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What Sugar 02 Still Got The Blues Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal Says:

Let your eyes do all the talking with SUGAR Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal! Just twist the easy applicator and rim your eyes with its intense formula and you’re good to take on the world. With a specially-designed anti-slip grip gives you a super-steady hold, its creamy consistency & preservatives-free formula makes it suitable for the waterline as well as the lash line. This high-performance multi-use product combines the benefits of a kajal with those of a gel eyeliner and does not fade or smear for more than 10 hours!

Packaging: Apt and classy packaging in a twist up pen and click fit cap. Packaging is similar to the Kajal but with a cobalt / royal blue color tail.

Consistency: Smooth creamy gel texture which does not tug on eyelids.

My take on Sugar 02 Still Got The Blues Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal:

The world is taking about this Indian cosmetics brand ‘Sugar’ and the quality of the products justifies the craze. I did a mini haul for all of Sugar cosmetics. I will review all of them shortly.

sugar haul

I absolutely love the cobalt to royal blue color pigmentation of this Kajal and it is a compliment magnet. I noticed sheen on application which is adorable, nothing too obvious for the shimmer part but very classy and subtle. The shade usage is versatile and can be worn in various occasions – day out, night out and office. I think the perfection of the shade makes it sensuous and not sexy which entitles it to be the ‘Most versatile Blue Kajal’ title in the Indian cosmetics .

try sugar eyeliner

The pigmentation is dark and color consistency remains the same for the duration I have worn it; which is pretty much for an entire work day. I do not like Kajals which fade away and was pleasantly surprised with this product’s quality.

sugar eyeliner

‘Sugar 02 Still Got the Blues Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal’ can be used on both waterline and eyelids. The formula is non-smudgy and blue smoky/smudgy eyes look can be attained after building a little consistency with multiple swipes. I have worn it to under the sun outings and work and this Kajal has stayed on my eyes for 10+ hours and without budging or smudging even if I continue with work-out post office or wash my face. It is absolutely lives up to the waterproof and smudge proof claim. This Kajal can be removed by massaging a cleanser with a cotton swab or by using makeup remover.

Pros :

–          Lovely cobalt blue color

–          Same color consistency throughout application(doesn’t fade)

–          No odor

–          No smudge

–          Absolutely waterproof

–          Lovely sheen on application

–          Classy packaging with twist up pen

–          Stays till 12 hours on both eyelids and waterline

–          True to all claims

–          Aptly priced

Cons :

–          None

Final Word: Absolutely must buy Kajal. Considering the quality of the product I think it is a budget buy. No touch-ups throughout the day can easily make it last for 2-3 months depending on usage.

ootd sugar

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