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Summers are here. Bangalore sun is already keen on melting my face off. This summer is way hotter than I was expecting it to be. I used to wait for summer vacation as a kid, but now I might just live in a freezer and call it home.Today, I am doing a throwback post for my only solo travel experience during a layover in Colombo, Srilanka. I did not expect that a layover of a day would turn out to be one of my most memorable experiences in my life. So read on and enjoy Colombo through my captures.

Galle Face Beach
Flight: SriLankan Airlines
Climate: Extremely Warm and Windy
Month: September
The Story Behind:

I think September is my magical month as new experiences and relationships usually come to my life during this month. After I finished my MBA from Bradford-Perguia business school, I was heading home when this layover came my way. I was flying with Srilankan Airlines from Rome to Bangalore via Colombo.I took a city tour in a private cab from the hotel considering my safety. It costed me 30 EU(approx Rs 2100 +) which is a total rip-off. The Colombo city tour will cost you much lesser if you choose to travel on your own or take a tuk-tuk.

Confession I was planning to laze around in the hotel, but once landed in Colombo I pushed myself to not to miss this sun spirited city.

Goldi Sands Hotel, Negombo

Goldi Sands Hotel, Negombo is a beautiful sea facing property. I was happy to bag a complimentary stay in this beautiful property due to Srilankan Airlines. The food spread and quality of room was exceptional during my stay (which was a couple of hours).

Room and  your blogger (old me)

Goldi Sands Hotel stands out with serene and neat hotel grounds. It has a gorgeous pool adding to its glory. The property is about 15-20 minutes away from the Colombo Airport (Bandaranaike International Airport) and around 32km from the city of Colombo.

Hotel  Grounds – Shacks and Private Beach

Currency Conversion: 1 INR = 2.35 LKR

Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Colombo:

1. Beira Lake: This sparkling lake is like an emerald nestled amidst a ring of major business complexes. It is connected to many intricate canals providing easy way of transporting goods within the city.
Beira Lake
2. Christian Reformed Church: Christian Reformed Church was established in 1642.It is a must-visit spot during Colombo visit being an archaeological beauty.
Christian Reformed Church
3. Gangaramaya Temple:  It is the most visited Buddhist temple in Colombo. I loved the modern architecture embedded with cultural essence.
Gangaramaya Temple
Gangaramaya Temple
4. Canals and Roads: As impressive as it can be, the Colombo city is clean and has wide and beautiful roads. Even the canals are beautifully constructed and its a vision to see various nuances of fresh water and slat water meet.


Colombo City- Roads
5. Galle face beach: Even though there is no particular order to visit places in Colombo, Galle face beach was my last stop.It is a gorgeous shore and the windy day just added to the glory of this place.
Galle Face Beach


Downers: I also came across someone who posed as a hotel manager and talked me into buying gems from a local exhibition. Let me tell you that it was stupid of me to get entangled in his conversation and buy a gem. After I came back to my cab, the driver of my cab told me that impostors do that because they get commission out of it. I missed the local memento shops as I wasted time in the gem exhibition.
Adieu Colombo: The sun was at its peak and the view was breath taking when I came back from Galle face beach to my hotel room. I had to leave in a hurry as the hotel shuttle was leaving. Even with all that tan on my skin, I was happy about taking over this gorgeous city as a solo traveler. As this was my first experience it will always be listed in my special day diaries. Colombo serves as a budget travel city for a solo girl. I would love to go back once more and explore more of Srilanka.


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