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B&TS is wishing you a very happy Navratri. I have been sick lately and have missed updating the blog. I am feeling better now and “I am back”. After drooling over Fab-bags for long time, I have subscribed to it in the past month. I am sharing my first September Fab Bag (4th Anniversary Special) review today. Below are the products which came in the September Fab bag :

– Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon – Amazon(Full Size: Rs1200)

– Natural Bath and Body Gel Face Masque(Rs 325 for 100 Ml)

– Ava Face & Body Scrub – Spring Pond (Rs 325 for 100 Ml)

– Neemli Tulsi & Clay Body Wrap (Rs 550 for 75 gm)

– Fashionography Accessory (Full Size: Rs 249)


Ava Face & Body Scrub – Spring Pond (Rs 325 for 100 Ml)

This is my favourite product of the lot. Ava Face & Body Scrub – Spring Pond comes is a cylindrical bottle with metal cap. Inside there is a spill proof cap. Packaging is pretty basic but neat. The scrub has a thick texture and comes out with a squeeze. The scrub smells fresh and citrusy. This product is best suited for oily skin and works well for my oily skin. I feel fresh and skin looks matte and oil free after using it on my face. I will write a full review of this product shortly.


Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon – Amazon(Full Size: Rs 1200)

I was in two minds while choosing this product as Fab-bag provided me an option to choose a product. I read reviews where some had quoted this product is not pigmented. However, I loved the pigmentation of this eye shadow crayon. This comes is a chubby pencil which is pretty convenient as it can be rotated from the bottom and no wastage as I dont have to sharpen it. It closes with a transparent cap which is the only vulnerable part as cap comes off easily.



 Natural Bath and Body Gel Face Masque(Rs 325 for 100 Ml)

I like the packaging of Natural Bath and Body Gel Face Masque which comes in a dispensing tube.Consistency is a little more watery and the gel masque comes out rather unexpectedly in blobs rather than coming out smoothly. The first time I used it used it post scrubbing my face with Ava Face & Body Scrub – Spring Pond. The result was miraculous, I could see most of my Tan gone and my skin felt smooth and radiant.


 Fashionography Accessory (Full Size: Rs 249)

I received a cute adjustable bracelet with my September fab-bag. It is simple yet stylish with a small stone-set charm dangling. This looks chic and very ‘in’ in the artificial jewelry section.


Neemli Tulsi & Clay Body Wrap (Rs 550 for 75 gm)

This product claims to be a perfect little spa for body and I am intrigued. I have not quiet got a chance to open it but to be honest I am not very excited about it as I am not fond of products which contain earth fullers content. I will write more about it when I open the packet and use it.

Fab Bag Pouch:

The fab-bag I received is a sweet little pouch which has “My life is not Perfect” written on it. On turning the bag it reads ” By my lashes most definitely are”. Full marks on the Oomph quote written on it. I like the overall appearance of the bag.



First Experience:

My first experience was a bag of mixed feelings. I liked the fact that I got to choose one product and also learnt my lesson that I should be quick enough to choose one for myself as most products tend to get booked till the end. Some products were really good and I have revived the products based on my likeliness. Looking forward to my next fab-bag for October.

What could be better : The bag came inside the fab-bag cardboard box which was not wrapped in bubble wrap. Fab bag could improve their packaging.

Let me know which one did you like?

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