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Woah, it’s almost year end and I cannot believe I have not written about the best trip of the year of 2016. Looks like 2016 was on a skate board which just rolled down quickly. So without further ado, let me jump in and write about Rohtang Snow-Point, Solang Valley and Him-Valley Amusement Park. Hope you guys are all warm and cozy; enjoy the read.

Rohtang Snow-line:

Those who have read about my article Top Tourist Attractions in Manali will know, how I wished for a snowfall when we reached this gorgeous town hidden in the snowy womb of Himachal. Snow makes everything look magical and fairy-tale like. Isn’t it? However, we started our day early with plenty of sunshine and no signs of snow-fall. The luxury of roaming around in deserted gorgeous places was long gone. Newly-weds flocked all over the Rohtang pass snow-line and pictures were being clicked in every nook and corner.


While a picture is worth a thousand words, I am sharing some beyond gorgeous view Rohtang snow-line offered our eyes.

Rohtang Snow line-beautyandthesuitcase




After seeing a million people walking towards the snowy peaks and slipping for 100 times, we called it quits somewhere climbing up by 70% as were exhausted. I am amazed the chai-walas and chat-walas made way to the top easily and got their business running on the top (like literally).

  • Talking of disappointments, I hated it how the snow had solidified and turned slippery. I had a terrible slip which ruined my snow trek clothes and shoes.
  • Too many people, it was like a sea of honeymooners there.
  • Winter caused a lose-lose scenario for us. There was no snow-fall, plus the more up we went, we got tanned with sun. Also, driver did not bother to get us further and called it quits with the snow-line.
  • There was no sport as such. Although we did spot a local turning a tube into a slider.
Facts and Costs:
  • Chat : 50 Rs
  • Tea: 30 Rs
  • Trekking stick : 20 Rs
  • Ambiance : Seated on Snow – Absolutely Divine 🙂
  • Renting snow suit : Starts with 250 Rs (Varies with vendor)
  • Renting snow boots: 100 Rs (Varies with vendor)

In-spite of all that, once you make it to at-least one peak; It makes everything worth it. It took us half a day to cover the Rohtang Snow-line and we were a little tired of all the trekking.


Solang Valley:

Post lunch, we made way to Solang valley. I could not wait to get out of the over-sized snow dress which made us look like a tubby. But, oh well everything was like an experience. On top of it, the melting snow water made it’s way to my dress. Sigh! The biggest mistake was to change my shoes. Now, my suede boots were not very good with the mud which was resulted due to snow melting. But of-course I could not have predicted that. In case you avoided the bunny holding saga earlier in the Manali city, you would get a second chance to hold the fuzzies in Solang valley.


The elevator which takes people up is a private one. And the guy who sold us the rip-off ticket claimed Switzerland will look like a joke in front of the beauty of Solang. His exact words were, “Upar Jake to dekhie, Switzerland khel lagega“. I whispered Shiv, I am unsure if this guy has not seen Switzerland on You-tube yet. Below is a small video glimpse of our elevator adventure in Solang.


A day which started with a lack of snowfall was made up by the gorgeous panoramic views. I saw a guy proposing his beloved getting down on a knee in Rohtang valley and it made the freezing evening glow in warmth.


Your Blogger Couple, Amrita & Shivaji


Facts and Costs:
  • Elevator P.P: Rs 500 P.P {Joke about Switzerland – Free 🙂 }
  • Maggie : 100 Rs (Above 3200 mts)
  • Pizza Slice : Rs 200 (Avoid – Turns ice cold till you bring it to your table)


Him-Valley Amusement Park:

Cold winds made way while we descended from the glass elevator. Bidding adieu to the breath-taking views was tough, but so was facing the cold storm. We hopped on to cab and kept rubbing our palms together till we reached HimValley Amusement Park. They claim to be India’s first cultural and amusement park developed at an altitude of 7000 ft in Manali. I was smitten by the description and location. It is surrounded with snowy peaks and there could not be a better place for pictures. The park was deserted considering cold winds gushing in all directions.


The show, I would say was a flop. There were only 3 artists and dance looked out of sync. We were so bored that we did not bother clicking pictures and were much happy being seated at a back seat. We made our way out in less than 30 minutes to the deserted park and posed for some pictures. Honestly, if you are visiting in winters, this place can be skipped.

Facts and Costs:
  • Entry Fees : Rs 200 P.P, Food and amusement rides packages are different
  • Rides : Cost extra (We did not try them)


It started drizzling soon. We made way to the hotel and desperately needed to sip something hot. That was our cue to proceed for hotel and end an eventful day of Himachal adventure.

Next day, it took us 9+ hours to reach Chandigarh. With some threatening curves and slanting hills, it was time to travel in the plain lands. Cold winds were changed to hot air. Just for fun, I checked my phone ‘ Current temperature of Manali’ , it said ‘Currently Snowing’. Grr.. I growled and showed it to Shiv. He said may be it’s a way in which Manali wants us to visit again. Always helps to have a positive hubby. 🙂





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