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It’s Sunday and I am still recovering from a bad throat pain. I had to even miss a Christmas picnic which I had been looking forward to. Sigh! This weekend is all about indoors with tablets and soups. But lucky me to get myself pampered with a spa day last Saturday. Read on to know about the wonderful experience I had at The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa when I tried an all new therapy – Precious Moroccan Oil & Sandalwood Cream Massage. 

Getting to The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Brookfields:

Super easy to book an appointment with The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Brookfields branch in Bangalore. It is even easier to locate them, considering they are located on the main road in the below address:

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa – Brookefields. No. 8/2 –3rd Floor, Opp BEML Bus Stop
Brookefields ITPL Main Road Kundanhalli, Bangalore-560037

Four-Fountains Spa, Reception Area

Precious Moroccan Oil & Sandalwood Cream Massage:

Mostly I opt for Aroma therapy relaxing massage, but this time I was tempted to try their new therapy called Precious Moroccan Oil & Sandalwood Cream Massage. I love Sandalwood aroma and know that it is very good for skin brightening. Other ingredients like Moroccan oil  and Vitamin E entwined with Sandalwood further lured me to try this out. This also happens to be my first experience with a cream based massage.


Brookfield spa has got me hooked to amazing discounts for their happy hour memberships, hence I paid Rs 1399 for 60 mins of pure nirvana.

 Ambience and Amenities of The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa:

The overall ambience of the spa is very positive and calm.


Touch and feel of this place shows attention to details.



Whitefield Four fountain spa has waiting lounge with luxurious and comfortable furniture. With soft music playing in the background, I don’t think anyone would object waiting here and relaxing on the loungers.

Relaxing Lounger

Massage rooms have just the right amount of light and a calming aura. Rooms are named as Calm, Peace, Energy and so on. Spa can accommodate a good no. of clients and even on weekends, the wait time is very less. The best feature is the neatness of this spa. Clothes for change, comb, soft slippers and disposable cover comes in a pouch which gives a privileged feel.

Changing Pouch

Even the door knobs are designed to give acupressure benefits; Now that’s what I call going an extra mile for customer satisfaction. I was intrigued about the small pouches hanging on doors and came to know that the doors which have pouches are taken/engaged and it is a Do not disturb sign.

Do not Disturb Pouch

Massage tables are soft and spacious. The provide a pillow, towels, hanger for convenience.


They also provide shower cap and hair dryer on request.


Every massage room is air conditioned with locker facility and positive messages on the wall. They have attached shower facilities which makes it a 10/10 on my expectation meter.

Massage Room

Spa Team at The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Brookfields:

I have visited Four-Fountain Jayanagar branch earlier and absolutely love their services. Once I moved near Whitefield, Brookfields Four-Fountain spa was convenient for me to visit. If you are visiting for the first time to the spa they will provide you a stress test based on which you will be advised a massage. They have an array of therapies to provide as per customer’s needs.

The reception staff is extremely polite and welcoming. The spa team aims to please and they do a pretty good job with it. Spa manager Dr. Sreelakshmi is all ears to improvement suggestions. She is proficient in working out flexible deals for revisiting customers.

Therapy Experience At The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Brookfields:

Gone are the days where oil was the only component for massage. Someone like me who prefers time effectiveness can opt for Precious Moroccan Oil & Sandalwood Cream Massage and happily walk out without shower after the therapy.


The cream used in this massage is extremely soft on skin. It completely pampered my dry skin and rejuvenated skin cells. My therapy took place in a dimly lit room with a soothing instrumental track playing in the background which added to the fabulous ambiance.
My massage therapist was Miss Grishna and she was very good at her work. The massage was relaxing with medium pressure and gentle strokes. Extra pressure or less pressure can be informed to the therapist and they work on pain points like magic. This therapy left me refreshed and charged. I noticed a healthy glow immediately after the therapy was complete after 60 mins. I received a complimentary 10 minute foot massage, which was like a cherry on the cake.

Post Therapy, after a long warm shower I made way to the reception where I was served green tea. I got a complimentary therapy card to choose from head or foot massage for my next visit. I learnt that upon membership renewal, complimentary points are provided which can accommodate 2 therapies comfortably. Now that’s a deal I am not missing.

Over All Rating: 5/5

Final Word for Four Fountain Spa:

I believe four-fountain spa has set some high benchmarks for affordable spa industry. Sure I would love some steam or Jacuzzi facilities here; But what I pay for, is actually more than reasonable for what I get. I am a delighted customer and I vouch for the value for money services I have received.

Have you visited the four-fountain spa yet? Comment and let me know your experiences.




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