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This is a tough week for me. I just came to know that there was a massive burglary at my parent’s house. So Sorry in advance, if my readers find me a little low today. I was thinking how can some one break open and cause havoc someone’s house? In any case, me and my family are still trying to get back to normal. Speaking of normal, which is that one thing which you makes you day normal? For me I have a habit of washing my face with after shower. I have been using Aroma magic grape fruit face wash for eternity, but I last month I picked and decided to write about Lakme Blush and Glow face wash Strawberry review.


Price : INR 99 for 50 ml

Available : All leading Stores

What Lakme says about Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash :

Enriched key ingredients like rich strawberry extracts, anti-oxidants and beads, Lakmé Blush and Glow Peach range is ideal for everyday use and keeps your skin clear of all dirt and impurities. Formulated by Lakmé Salon experts, this gel-based face wash is rich in fruit anti-oxidants (Strawberry extracts) that keep your face feeling fresh, youthful and maintains your skin’s natural glow.

Usage and Ingredients :


My Take on Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash :

Packaging: The face wash comes in a matte translucent tube with red coloured content inside. The cap of the tube is white which closes with a click. I rate this product 5 on 5 packaging as it is sweet, sturdy and absolutely travel friendly.

Consistency: The consistency is gel-like. The face wash is red colour gel which dispenses easily with a squeeze. There are minute scrub like particles in the face wash which is too mild to be felt on face.


When Lakme relaunched this product I was totally excited about it as this face wash was my absolute go-to product in the year 2010-11. Post that I got to know that daily set of cosmetics must be low in chemicals and should show more love to skin, hence my quest and switch to something more natural.


The smell of the face wash thus brings back to me nostalgia of good times spent in the past years. It totally smells of fresh strawberries. This face wash lathers well and cleans away my rather oily facial skin easily. Half a coin size amount in my palm serves well for one wash. While applied on my face it gives me a cooling sensation which is truly the forte of this product. The smell lingers on my face and palms for a few minutes and disappears completely after that.


Post using the face wash I do not get a dry and stretchy feeling. My face squeaky feels clean and fresh after using the face wash. But I have not seen any blush or glow effect on my cheeks yet nor does it hold any oil back from my face for a long time. However, I have noticed if I use it after using a gentle cleanser it removes all traces of my daily makeup effectively. All in one a good everyday product for oily and sensitive skin. I use it once a week or on chip-chip oily skin days to get a fresh feel as it’s loaded with chemicals.


Pros of Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash :

– Pleasant and fresh smell

– Gel consistency

– Sturdy and attractive Packaging

– Fresh and cool sensation while washing face

– Good on sensitive skin

– Squeaky clean face after using

Cons of Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash :

– Loads of chemicals in the ingredient list

– Does not give any blush and glow effect

– Does not control oil (it does not claim to though)

Final Rating : 4/5

Final Word : I like Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash overall and it’s a must try product. I think it will benefit sensitive skinned people because in general they have limited options for daily use products.

PS : Sorry if my flowers don’t look so fresh. Did not pluck them, just used the ones fallen on grass. Good day! 

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